Professional Background

I am an award-winning, multi-disciplinary designer with over 16 years experience.

I take jumbled messes of ideas and, through diligent research and testing, find the most elegant and efficient way from point A to point B. I am masterful at eliminating the superfluous and crafting what’s left into something effective and exciting.

Not only do I have an innate eye for design; I also understand (and sometimes execute) the technical side of projects. Ideas are only powerful if you can turn them into reality, and I have the background to know which make the cut.

Personal Background

My days for the past decade have been spent in sunny Los Angeles, CA, however I’m a born and raised West Virginian. Despite that, I’m a bleeding heart liberal, feminist and lover of human and animal rights.

When I’m not behind a screen, I’m wrangling a toddler and/or at Disneyland.